Dear, I’ve heard from a buddy of mine that my pictures are on the website of I have never given consent to this site to accomplish this. Those are my private pictures which I do not share with anyone. I need those images and that profile removed from this sexsite. I’m quite decent.

Someone with the username duhimamermaid is impersonating me and utilizing images that aren’t me to be able to flirt with men on this website. Many people have reached out to me thinking I was the person in these images, can that profile please be removed?

I signed up fir 3 day demo with this website and screwed me they have taken money in my account after having told me that my details had been removed. I’m not a happy person and will be perusing them for compensation and for fraudulently taking money in my account. If anyone.

As told so many times earlier, the same problem is happening for me. . Please cancel my subscription and then delete my account from (username: Joakimb) Can’t do anything to prevent it and their phone numbers aren’t legitimate, and equipped to get in any kind. They are charging me to get a full.

Work colleagues obtained access to my phone and subscribed me to this website as a jokeI receive numerous pornographic images in my mobile phone. In addition, I believe they are associated with a company named Clickand There appears to be no way of deleting ones account, one.

FuckSwipe / the warning sign that came up stating that I will be charged $10 for each 10 minutes that I haven’t confirmed my personal details with your company.

This is nuts You as us to provide you our banking details which you already have as a subscriber to make sure that I’m not a scammer How can I no that this isn’t a scam from your end I wish to remain within this site however I’m not going to give you my banking details because that would be stupid to get it done.

I signed up to get a three day trial and have been charged way greater than what was agreed upon. Please delete my account ASAP and return my money. I would do it but your site won’t let it since you can see in the photos. I’ve got multiple fees on my account totaling $25.22 I need my money.

I want to finish my subscription but I want a code to finish it but I don’t need this code, so I hope you could send this code into my Email adress so that I can finish it. My I.D code of the negative is 3939679470 along with my email adress is [email protected] in the Nederlands, I hope you contact me so that i.

By a specific day, I receive no answers to my messages. This is not because the clients would neglect me. However, NOT ALL. What’s the explanation for this situation: I receive messages not one but at.

You tell me payment did not go through. I looked at my bank. It moved through. Please refund my money. Your site is phoney. You’ve got women sitting behind computers carrying on multiple conversations with.

I demand that you remove the account of Emmitt91 from your website immediately.I have tried multiple times to remove it but your website only turns me in fucking circles period and time again.I believe the email address linked to the account would be [email protected] is the.

Hello. My names is James bergeron. They say that after my day trial, I have to pay $39.95 per month if I don’t finish my trial period at 3.

Please delete and block with immediate effect the account Charliewessonfe with the email [email protected] My ex fiance contacted you already and I am emailing again to speed up the procedure. My fiance has been caught out and thanks to his stupid actions im leaving him.

I want to cancel replicate billing ASAP along with the site won’t allow me. Nobody has contacted me back and I don’t even wish to be charged. Help me! Every time I get into a particular point in the cancellation procedure the site "conveniently" loses connection to the world wide web, this happens both on the background.

Somebody has been using my photographs and title on a fake profile which is not me. He reported that the account for me, but received an message from FuckSwipe telling him that the account he tried to.

It has been brought to my attention I happen to be a part of fake profiling. Due to this it has destroyed my life. . I do understand who or why, but my name is stephanie hill. And my title and picture of myself. . Please assist me in getting to the bottom of this dilemma. . I’ve repeatable career, also.

This site is a complete and utter scam page. I’m actively investigating, what I believe to be a major fraud. Do not allow ANYONE hand over CC details to this page!! I can only assume humiliation is stopping people from making proper, criminal complaints from this T/A company, which i.

Hello, Today I got an email stating I needed to confirm my emailadress to make my account whole. However, I never left an account on your website, which means someone used my emailadress to make an account. I would like you to delete this account, as I don’t want somebody else with my.

FuckSwipe / never used the sight and got billed twice in two weeks and I tried to delete profile 3 times.

U mist return the 14.99$ 2x, therefore 30.00$. If not I am going to have the app shut down. . Thank you. P. S no explanations because u believe it’s okay to bill people then send them fake messages from fake people asking for more cash. . Do not believe u can eliminate this. Is fckin miserable that people.

I composed the following email to [email protected] Hi Team, Kindly repay my figure (342.90 INR ) detected in my credit card with no acceptance. I had installed the app on 05-10-2012 and compensated a period of 342.90 INR for 1 week subscription. I uninstalled the App from my cellphone now.

Hi I wanted to meet and date women close to my location, but after paying cash in order to have the whole access to the site, no real people in the marketplace. So, this is something, in the event the date site we can’t meet or date, it means it’s a lie, and you are stolen our money. I’ll call you personally but.

M really really very desperate from you guys. I just got 3 days membership for $3.30 some thing but you men cut my $26 in my account and yesterday you men cut my 45.55 $ which is waste of cash I didn’t use any kind of your amenities after 3 days after. I will tell you.

I purchased a monthly subscription thinking that the app would be amazing. So far though it has not at all been to my liking and I have gone through numerous technical issues. I’ve got a Samsung galaxy s8. And so far, having the app for no longer than 1 day iv had it crash a few time.

They allow you to call to cancel your service, which is fine. But then they refuse to answer, placing you on hold. I ended up.

FuckSwipe will not let me cancelled my account I have tried everything and emailed them that said I must call them to close it but I can’t afford to call them I have told them I have no money I am disabled no cash in my bank account my disability benefits as been cut therefore can’t.

On the 26th of may I signed up for a membership at, and then paid for a three day membership. I then cancelled that membership the nest day, and wrote off the NZ$4.86. Then I checked my bank and the other charge of NZ$19.75 was processed. I have no clue what this charge wa.

Dear management I requested you men to repay my money and delete my id from internet site. Between 7 and 8 march I requested this item and you refunded my money to my charge account end with 5208. But when you men refunded that amount why u charged me that once again that on10 march.

Hi This is regarding fraud payments from my card. I’ve only created a be naughty account. I tried to use 3 times trial for this. However, is is very unfortunate that there have been fraud trades done and 30 lbs are deducted from my account. I font need any premium membership why these.

Hi My name is mark lindsay and I’ve only found out that somebody has set up a profile in my name with my bank details and email address. After further investigation I have also discovered that payments have been removed from my bank account. I’ve subsequently gone on to discover that accounts have.

Hi. I signed up in your site be gloomy for the three day trial. Price of 2.97. This has been removed, no problem. I’ve called and cancelled my subscription, (On the 4th day) I was told that I needed to cover for a full month. It did not say anywhere that I would be charged for the month, also additional.

Hi. I signed up in your site be gloomy for the three day trial. Price of 2.97. This has been removed, no problem. It did not say anywhere that I would be charged for the month, also additional.

I’ve sent a few message to the site. I wanted be naughty staff to know that ever time try to log in with this message "global rooms General chat You have been blocked in chat rooms for the next 24 hours. I have not been able to get into any chat room, or receive messages for longer. billed my credit card with an unauthorized fee. There was a 3 day trial that you could opt from before the 3 times. I tried to do this by email. I was led to the customer service phone number. Never got a person after three attempts and is fuckswipe a legit site waiting for more.

I’ve only registered to a hook up site known as "" and over 30 minutes have received about 20 messages from gorgeous ladies, all wanting to (presumably) shag the life from me. Of course, I can`t read any of these messages unless I pay money to sign up as a member, when.

Hi I have a account with FuckSwipe dating site.I won’t to cancelle therefore I cancelled replicate billing I moved to close account got my code but there’s no were to input code so I emailed FuckSwipe letting them know all my details and gave them the code asked them to close my account. 3.

I didn’t hook up with this particular service my ex spouse has created this account for me, I don’t use it and I’m being billed a couple of times in my bank statement, just how do I go about using my account refunded because I was not the person who created the profileI could provide you hi.

Trying to speak to the recorded dating partners led in only chatting on the internet and while trying to arrange a meeting or date there was never any intention of that happening all there was more questions not related to dating in any way.

Disgusting, because I joined the site when I was like 15-16 I invested roughly 400 pounds on it, recall, curiously hooked, this might sound crazy but the way they scam is really simple and clear yet the images or what have you blurs your vision as well as though u just and just become frustrated.

Discovered husbands name on dating service.When I asked him he said he had never heard of this site!And he would like to know how they got his title, town, state, and birthday!We were together for 11 decades now. And he has never cheated and he has never thought about cheating.Because. / this website is scam spam and everything else you’d expect from a crappy adult dating site.

This website is scam spam and everything else you’d expect from a crappy adult dating site. Whole bunch of mails concerning this person likes you or wishes to meet. You cover it quits immediately. Scammers constantly trying to confirm you. Um family watch.